Sunday, May 09, 2010

Detail, Composition III

This acrylic painting incorporates an image of Sherman and the Laramie River. The entire composition was a group of 9 small paintings clustered together. This was the largest of the group measuring 30x40" SOLD to a collector from Cheyenne, WY

Grand Mesa Spring

I drove through this area in the early Spring and was delighted to find the aspen trees colored in lavendars and light greens. Pastel, 22x26" SOLD to a collector from New York.

Clown Bar & Lounge

This abandoned structure in Bosler was a local hotspot years ago. All that is left of a once colorful past are the multicolored exterior walls.
Pastel, 22x26" SOLD to a collector from Sacramento, CA

Mid-Morning on Hwy 30

The linear perspective created by the highway and the fenceline activates an otherwise passive scene. This was purchased by the Wyoming State Museum. Pastel, 22x26" I was proud to see this displayed above the Governor's desk in the Wyoming State Capitol Building. SOLD to the State of Wyoming, Purchase Award