Sunday, December 31, 2006

Standing on Two Legs

SOLD to a collector from Laramie, WY
This was a marvelous art deco Texaco station in Rock River, WY. After I-80 diverted most traffic away from Highways 287 & 30, many of these businesses closed. 2 of the large pillars had been knocked down, and the place was boarded up. The building was sold to a fellow who thought he could take out all the internal supports & make a large shopping mart. Needless to say, the Wyoming winds blew the building down. This was a 20x28" pastel.

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ron said...

I am a big fan of documentary painting. Capture the thing before its gone. Interpret it in your own style-preserve the idea of the thing.It is in the transition stage of it's life, changed from new and useful and soon to vaporize. Art from decay-a fascinating concept and I guess, ultimately life from rot.You made me think with your American Gothic comment-thanks.